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Nature Aroma presents a delightful collection of exotic potpourris which contain tropical elements and refresher oils which will definitely create a rejuvenating feel to your living area.

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How to use:
  • Place potpourri in open bowls around the house.  Be creative… match colors of our blends to your room; change the atmosphere of a room by adding a particular scent; celebrate the seasons by using colors and scents to uplift the spirit.
  • You can place potpourri in fabric bags (sachets) and put them in drawers and closets to scent clothing.
  • Put them in storage boxes, chests, musty cupboards to create pleasant aromas.  Tie them to doorknobs. 
  • Squeeze them once in awhile to release the scent.  Sachets work great in cars, too!
  • However you choose to use it, potpourri will add new dimension and space to your environment.
Benefits of Candle Diffuser:
  • Help Uplift Mood and Eliminate Stress
  • Whole Room Fragrance
  • Removes Foul Odors
  • No Waste
  • Aroma oil strictly not for body application and should not be ingested.
  • Parents should keep Aroma oil out of reach from children & Pets .
  • Avoid Contact with eyes & skin .
  • Spill should be cleaned up immediately to prevent staining.


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