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Gratify yourself with the sensational aromatic (mention the name of the fragrance) Air fresheners which are exclusively devised from special natural elements giving the atmosphere of your living area a different unique feel within a minute.

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How to use:
  • Place the ceramic oil diffuser on a flat, stable surface.
  • Add water to the almost fill the diffuser .
  • Add 8-10 drop of Essential/Aroma oil depending on the area .
  • Than plug in to electric board.

The purpose of the water is to aid in the diffusion of aromatic particles as the heated water turns to vapor. Also, the addition of the water prevents the essential oil from burning at the bottom of the dish.

Benefits of Candle Diffuser:
  • To create a warm glow.
  • To keep your living are aromatic without any extra effort .
  • To create a relaxing atmosphere
  • To Add color, softness, and style to your room.
  • Make sure you don’t allow the water to completely evaporate .
  • Keep out of reach from children and pets . (For adult use only.)